One common complaint that I regularly hear about cats is that they are not as much fun as dogs. You hear this over and over again from dog lovers who have just not taken the time to play and interact with cats. Cats can bring so much joy and fun into our lives but, like dogs, we need to have patience and spend time with them.

cat fun

Cats love to play with toy mice or feathers on a stick. See how high you can get them to jump!

In an effort to get out the word, I present to you 10 fun things to do with your cat. Not only will your cat appreciate the attention but you will gain a real loving family member.

  1. Play Fetch – you think that dogs can only play fetch? Well, think again… many cats love to play fetch. Use the same techniques you use with dogs (positive reinforcement) and you’ll find that your cat is really great at this game. Use small items like mouse toys or pipe cleaners.
  2. Chase – cats are natural hunter and become really attracted to items that resemble small rodents or birds. Your local pet store has lots of toys that are on the end of a stick. Wave the toy near your cat and see how high they will jump. Try to stay away from using laser pointers because there is no actual tactile feel. As a result, this can become frustrating for your cat.
    cat fun

    With a little training you can teach your cats to go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors together

  3. Go for a Walk – cats can be trained to walk on a leash. This will take some patience and the earlier you start the better but once trained, both you and your cat can enjoy the outdoors together.
  4. Bird Watch – mount one or more bird feeders near a window that your cat can easily access. You and your cat can enjoy the various birds together and you’ll see the natural instincts of your cat trying to find a way to get to its’ prey.
  5. Build a Playground – use boxes, paper bags, and shelving to create a cat playground. Cats just love to hide in bags and boxes. They also enjoy seeking out high places and that can be accesses by strategically places shelves.
  6. Cat ‘n Seek – hide treats and small pieces of kibble throughout the house. Cats are natural hunters and are always in search of food. If they know that food is regularly hidden they will constantly be on the lookout. Be sure not to overdue it so that your cat stays fit.
  7. Toilet Train – believe it or not, cats can be toilet trained. Check out this link and give it a shot!
  8. Brush her Fur – cats (with fur) should be regularly brushed. Make this a bonding experience by gently brushing and talking to your cat.
  9. Catnip Toys – cats love to play with toys but they will get bored if the same toys are always left out. One way to keep things fresh is to only keep a few toys out at a time. Keep some of the toys in a plastic bin and regularly refresh the bin (and shake) with catnip. Then, rotate toys every few weeks with fresh toys. Your cats will love you for it.
  10. High Five – cats can be trained to give you their paw. One way to do this is when they are craving to be pet. Start by petting them (head and neck area when they come to you in bed or on the couch) briefly and then stopping and looking away. Continue repeating this and your cat will eventually start using her paw to let you know she wants more petting. Check out the video below of my Ricky giving me ‘High Fives’.

These are just 10 ways you can have fun interacting with your cat. There are many more things you can do but this should be a good start. Hopefully you can see that having a cat can be as much fun as having a dog.

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