The Internet of Things (IoT) market is exploding with futuristic products that enable homeowners to control just about everything in the home from lights to garage doors to security cameras and even espresso machines… all from the comfort of their smartphones. Another area that is seeing a lot of activity within the this space is connected IoT pet products. Recent surveys show that over 90% of dog and cat owners consider their pets a part of the family. As such, they are taking care of these pets as they would their own children.

A number of new startups have emerged with products that help pet owners keep in touch with their furry friends when away from home. Check out these 6 cool pet products and see if they might fill a need within your home.

  1. RightBite from PetTrax is one of the IoT pet products showcased here that is touted as the “Most Intelligent Pet Feeder… Ever!”, and it truly is! The RightBite automatic pet feeder works in conjunction with PetTrax Mobile (a smartphone application) to keep your pets on a proper diet. RightBite keeps track of all pet meals and includes calories consumed to ensure that your pets stay within their daily calorie allowance. RightBite has a unique authorization capability using your pets microchip or a collar tag to identify your pet. The automatic pet feeder has a retractable tray so that it can allow or deny meals as appropriate to keep your pets on a healthy diet. This authorization enables RightBite to operate in both single and multi-pet homes, something that other feeders do not support. The feeder includes a food storage hopper to provide worry-free meals to your pets for up to 2 weeks. RightBite is in beta testing as of December 2015 and will be available for purchase in 2016.
    PetTrax RightBite Automatic Pet Feeder

    RightBite by PetTrax is “The Most Intelligent Pet Feeder… EVER!”

  2. CleverPet is an engaging ‘dog trainer’, of sorts, that keeps your dog active while you’re away from home. The product has a number of different modes that initially provide your dog with easy activities and progresses to more difficult mental tests so that your dog stays stimulated and never gets bored. In one mode, different light patterns are presented to the dog in the form of buttons and your dog is required to repeat the pattern by pressing the proper buttons. If you remember the game ‘Simon’ from the 80’s, you get the idea. CleverPet provides treats for successfully completing activities and sends live updates to pet owners via its mobile application. CleverPet is not available for sale quite yet but keep an eye on them and get on their mailing list for product updates.
    Iot Pet Products

    CleverPet provides your dog with engaging activities

  3. PetCube is a connected pet camera that enables your to view and play with your pet while away from home. The product comes with a mobile app and has an integrated laser pointer that is of more interest to cats than dogs. PetCube provides 2-way audio so that you can listen to and speak to your pet from anywhere in the world. PetCube retails for $199.
    IoT Pet Products

    PetCube is a connected pet camera that enables you to remotely play with your pets using a laser pointer

  4. Whistle (the company) provides 2 dog products. The first is an activity monitor that attaches to your dog’s collar. This activity monitor is basically a ‘FitBit’ for dogs that provides a dog owner with the daily details of their dog’s activity enabling these owners to ensure that their dogs are getting enough exercise. Whistle also provides a GPS monitor (from their acquisition of Tagg) that enables dog owners to quickly find their dog if he/she is lost. Both products come with a mobile application and retail for $99.95 each.
    IoT Pet Products

    Whistle provides both GPS and activity monitors for your dog

  5. Petzi is a connected pet camera that enables dog and cat owners to view their loved pets from a smartphone application and can also dispense treats. Similar to PetCube, Petzi also allows owners to speak with their pets via the mobile application along with taking pet snapshots. The application enables easy sharing of images on social media. Petzi retails for $169.99.
    IoT Pet Products

    Petzi is a pet camera that provides your furry friends with treats

  6. Tailio turns your basic cat litter box into a connected ‘smart’ litter box. Tailio rests underneath your litter box and monitors your cat’s weight and amount of waste produced. Additionally, it tracks the frequency of activity within the litter box and analyzes this data to determine whether your cat is healthy or if it may be trending towards a unhealthy condition so that you can be warned proactively via their mobile application (visit the vet). Tailio is taking pre-orders at a discount for $179. The retail price will be $249.
    IoT Pet Products

    Tailio monitors your cat’s litter box to help you keep your cat healthy

These are just some of the cool IoT pet products coming to market to help you stay connected with your pets.

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