Dogs are the best friend for human beings and do not ask for much from their pet parents. As the dog owner, you should take care of your dog in the best possible way. Dog toys are one of the unique ways for you to reward your dog for being a good dog. Dogs are intelligent animals and require mental and physical stimulation to avoid boredom.

If you are a dog parent, you will be familiar with the importance of building a strong bond with your dog and a toy can surely help. If you leave your dog at home for long hours when you leave for work, it can become boring for your dog. Without daily exercise, your dog can start to show mental issues and can develop destructive behavior such as chewing on shoes and furniture.

There are interactive toys available nowadays that can stimulate the mental functioning of your dog and provide the best way for them to spend time without letting boredom take control. Below are 5 dog toys that you can use to excite even the laziest of pups

1 – Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong Extreme dog toy is one of the more durable dog toys available in the market and it is also an interactive toy that holds the attention of your dog for a long time. This toy allows you to fill the inside with peanut butter. Your dog will need to chew it thoroughly to get the peanut butter out of the toy.

The Kong uses ultra-durable rubber that can withstand the strong jaws and sharp teeth of even the larger dogs when they chew in an attempt to get the peanut butter out. Since the peanut butter only comes out in small amounts, it is good for your dog’s digestive system as the dog only ingests small quantities at a time. You can also fill it with your dog’s favorite treats instead of peanut butter.

Your dog will be content on nibbling it for hours on end when you leave them home alone. You can play fetch with your dog using this versatile toy and it is excellent for treating separation anxiety. The extreme dog toy also comes in five different sizes allowing you to select the best size for your dog and also special varieties for puppies, adults, and chewers.

2 – Interactive Dog Ball by Furry Fido

This interactive dog ball has an enticing design that allows dogs to chew while relaxing as well as for active play. The dog ball also has a mechanism that allows you to store treats making for a great interactive toy. Treats will fall out of one of the small holes on the surface of the ball when your dog rotates the ball and chews on it. The incentive of getting treats to eat just by playing with the toy encourages dogs to have fun and play actively.

Even the laziest of dogs will enjoy every opportunity to get up and play with this toy. You can also play with your dog using the dog ball by Furry Fido just like a normal dog ball. You can use it to throw and play fetch. The versatile nature of this toy allows you to use it to entertain your dog when you are with them or when you leave them alone at home. The interactive dog ball consists of natural rubber that is non-toxic and massages the gums of your pup and encourages chewing.

The dog ball improves the health of the teeth of your dog and aids in removing plaque. Furry Fido even provides a lifetime guarantee which will entitle you for a refund if the ball ever gets damaged. You can save big on pet products by purchasing from reputable vendors who provide a guarantee on toy quality.

3 – Foodie Puppies Wooden Dumbbell Training Toy

Foodie Puppies aids in the improvement of well being and health of your dog with the use of their products. The softwood, which constitutes the wooden dumbbell, is a harmless toy that is ideal for training dogs. The wooden dumbbell does not use glue, which makes it harmless even if you throw or toss it. The wooden dumbbell is also harmless for heavy chewing by dogs. The dog toy has a sturdy design, and it is perfect for puppies.

4 – ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Toy

The plush dog toy from Zippypaws is an excellent choice for dogs that love to chew soft plush instead of rubber or plastic. The plush toy can withstand heavy chewing and the various layers of strong fabric will prevent tearing. The toy does not contain any small or dangling parts that are susceptible to tearing. There are also two squeaking speakers on the inside that supply hours of entertainment for your dog.

5 – West Paw Design Zogoflex

West Paw Zogoflex has an ‘S’ shaped design and contains plastic that does not have BPA. The toy is excellent for interactive play between two pups or for you to play tug with your dog. The toy comes in three different colors, two sizes, and floats in water.


Dogs love to chew on things and a toy will provide a safe item for them to chew to their heart’s content. There are several varieties of dog toys available in a range of complexities. Every dog is different, and you need to find the perfect dog toy that matches the personality of your dog.  If a toy is overly simple, your dog may lose interest in it. If it is too flimsy your dog may tear it to shreds.

It is important to consider the build materials of the toy and ensure that they are not toxic. It is always better to have several dog toys so that you can alternate and use different toys for entertaining your dog. Dog toys are excellent to entertain your pet and keep them company when you leave them alone at home.

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