Pup parents work at great lengths and try everything possible to comfort their dogs. Dogs are loveable furry balls that are true family members. These fur balls impact our lives in so many positive ways. It is scientifically proven that living with a companion dog promotes the development of antidepressant hormones. In addition to this, our dogs keep us active resulting in an improved immune system. Moreover, your dog loves you just as much (and sometimes more) than human companions.

pet camera

Ever wonder what your dog is doing while you’re away from home? A pet camera can help!

Unfortunately, there is a time when almost every pup parent has to leave their companion pet home alone. Leaving your pet can be an unpleasant experience for your pet because his whole world is you. He might experience separation anxiety and a feeling of loneliness that can be scary, boring, stressful or unpleasant. Also, leaving your Fido behind can be stressful for you too, as his thoughts will occupy your mind and keep you worrying about what he might be doing or if he is being annoying to the neighbors.

If you are a working dog parent and you can’t always be home for your little companion, a pet camera is a great solution. Obviously, a pet camera helps you to keep an eye on your companion dog so that you are assured that he is not getting into any mischief thanks to the technology that helps you to see and interact with your dog from miles away.

The following are 5 benefits you may enjoy while owning a pet camera that will change your life.

1. Reduce concern about your pet’s health: 

Your pet’s health is the biggest concern of a pet parent when left home alone. He may injure himself or eat something that is bad for his health. You can puppy proof your house but it is nearly impossible to remove everything that may threaten your dog.  Owning a pet camera enables you to check on and communicate with your Fido whenever you like. There are even pet cameras that can send you barking alerts.

2. Mysterious life? Mystery solved:

It is interesting for a pup parent to learn about the mysterious secret life of their dog. Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day to occupy himself and how they spend their days? You can solve the mystery with a pet camera.

pet camera

Many pet cameras allow two-way interaction and some even can dispense treats!

3. More relaxed nights and weekends:

Your dog is an emotional animal who wants to be around you all day. When he is unable to find you he can really get stressed out. During work-days, pet parents typically leave their dogs alone in the daytime hours. On weekends, pet parents often leave their dogs alone in the evening. Getting a day/night vision two-way interactive pet camera helps you to interact with your dog during both of these ‘away from home’ periods and can help to keep your dog more connected.

4. Peaceful mind and increased productivity:

Some people might think that instant access to our pets at work decrease our productivity, but do you know that keeping an eye on your dog reduces stress and releases antidepressant hormones that keep you happy? Taking small breaks to check on your pet, tossing a treat or seeing them excited to hear your voice will help with your anxiety resulting in increased productivity.

5. Train your puppy:

You can also use your pet camera to train your dog even when you are at work. Ask your dog to follow your commands and treat your dog when he obeys your command with a treat dispensing pet camera. In this way, pet cameras can be used as a training tool.

Having a pet camera can truly change your life. You will have fewer worries and this can help you to build a better relationship between you and your canine friend. A pet camera also makes your dog feel supported all day long.

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