People deal with stress in many ways including yoga, running, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. These are all great ways to de-stress and improve your health. Having pets also provides for alleviating stress in our lives. Research studies have proven that spending time with pets provides health benefits to pet owners. Whether you are playing with your cat or walking your dog, spending more time with a pet is a great way to be happy, healthy, and calm.

pet stress
Walking your dog can be very therapeutic

This article outlines 6 common health benefits that your pets can provide.

Relaxing time with your cat is the best

1 – Improving your mood – pets have mood-enhancing benefits. There is rarely a bad day when you’re receiving those soft furry touches of your cat or the stare of those puppy eyes. You can’t help but forget your problems whenever they’re around. Simply watch them playing makes us smile or – an incredible way to reduce stress. Interacting with them is another way to help you focus in the now and live in the moment.

2 – Making you relax – ppending time around your pets is therapeutic. Petting your cat or dog fulfills our needs for touch, giving us a sense of comfort and relaxation. Studies have shown that petting dogs or cats can trigger a release of endorphins in humans. These endorphins make us feel good and relieve stress. Whenever you feel the need to relax, might as well hang out with your therapeutic cat or dog.

3 – Increasing cardiovascular health – another beneficial effect of having pets around is that it improves your cardiovascular health. Communicating and playing with your dogs and cats can create a positive impact on your health including lowering blood pressure and improving heart rate. This significant benefit is a great way to maintain a good, healthy heart. That is why, as a responsible pet owner, you must also take care of your pets in return. Make sure that you religiously bring them to your vet and provide them with daily routines so that you keep them from developing health problems.

4 – Enhancing physical activity – exercise is another way to relieve stress thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. Pet owners, especially dog owners, tend to get more exercise and physical activity as opposed to non-pet owners. Providing your dogs with a daily morning walk or playing Frisbee at the park is a great way to get moving.

5 – Making you feel less lonely – loneliness is undoubtedly one of our common sources of stress. Having pets at home can reduce this lonely feeling. Like humans, pets are great companions. Pets also provide unconditional love and comfort. Interacting with them or just watching them play around will make you feel less lonely. Pets provide a fantastic support system whenever you’re down. 

pet stress
Meet like-minded pet owners at the dog park

6 – Enhancing your social relationship – humans are social beings and need social interactions and connections. Pets help to provide a bridge to other like-minded people. Playing with your dogs at the park or accompany them in their daily morning walk can help to meet other pet owners. There are many social settings focused on dogs and cats that can bring you together with more and more people. 

Final Thoughts

Pets don’t exist just to show you how cute or adorable they are. These friendly creatures are great companions that can help you cope with everyday stress and improve your well-being. Your job is to provide them with proper care and healthy routines and they will help you become your healthiest self.  Take your dogs (and cats) on daily walks, provide them with the best nutrition, and schedule regular veterinarian check-ups… your health depends on it!

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