Are you planning to adopt a pet? Have you ever had a pet before or is it your first time? Are you planning to buy a furry feline? If yes, then understand one thing that adopting a cat isn’t a layman’s job. You must consider various aspects before making a decision on buying or adopting a cat.

Cats aren’t among those pets that only need food, sleep, and a stroll; there’s much more they will demand to stay happy and healthy with you. Thereby, you should be prepared on committing time and attention towards your cat. Though the idea of cuddling, playing and enjoying with cat fascinates you, it does not go easy.

Adopting Cats

There are so many cats and kittens in shelters that adopting cats is the best way to go. Remember, adopt, don’t shop!

You have to develop a sense of taking care of the cat. You must be aware of all the things, and you should be prepared what are you going to be dealing with. There are few questions you need to ask before you decide to take this huge step. Those questions can be listed as follows:

  • Do you already possess any other pet? If yes, how would they react to your new buddy?
  • How is your social life and how will it affect to your cat?
  • Does your home offer a good ambiance to your cat?
  • What will you do to your cat when you plan for a vacation?
  • Can you tolerate all the harsh realities associated with having a cat like hairs and dirt?
  • How do other people at your home feel about having a cat as a pet?
  • Are any of your family members having health issues which can affect your cat?
  • Have you already decided over a breed of a cat you are going to have?
  • Does your home have an atmosphere full of tension?
  • Do you have a responsible person at home who will take all the responsibilities?

Now, once you are done asking these questions to yourself and getting all the appropriate answers, you are good to go. There are few important things you should you should be well aware of before you sign up for adopting a new cat. All those essential things are presented below. Go through all the information meticulously and then decide whether you are making a right decision or not.

  1. Wouldn’t you like to clear your preferences before adopting a new cat? I would do that for sure. Ask yourself these questions!
    • Are you looking for a cat which it very independent or you are looking for the one who roam around who everywhere you go?
    • As per my experience, which cat you choose makes a huge difference. Based on your capabilities you should determine whether you can handle the young one or the old cat.
    • If you have children, then you should do some research if that cat is friendly or a wild one, if you can leave your children with a cat at home when you are going out for a long time.
  2. Next, in your priority list would be finding your cat from the right place. I got mine from a shelter home, and I believe it is the right thing to do. Why? Don’t you think adopting is always a noble cause? These homes have kittens waiting for their new homes and companions. You will find a perfect cat for yourself, and believe me, adopting a pet instead of buying will always make you feel good.
  3. If I reconsider my time with my cat, then I would like to warn you about two things before you adopt one for yourself. It takes ample time and money to keep it happy and healthy.
    • Their food, bed, veterinary and other maintenance can cost you a fortune.
    • You will require good-scored time to be with your newly adopted kitten, especially to create a bond with it.
    • Grooming, feeding, and offering an active lifestyle is vital, and commitment is the key to keeping your cat healthy and happy.

I am sure; my experiences with cats shall be helpful. Thereby, ensure that you conduct these basic steps before you invite a new friend to your house. For all the shopaholics, one good thing about adopting a cat is that you will need to do a lot of shopping for your kitten. Buy things such as:

  • Cat food
  • Food dish
  • Toys
  • Comb
  • ID tag
  • Cat carrier
  • Nail clipper
  • Comb
  • Cozy bed

And, the list can go on…

Get a Litter Box

The beginnings for my new cat, it was hard for her to figure out how to use the litter box. I was a little worried if she would ever be able to figure it out. When I started putting her into the litter box while eating or sleeping, eventually, she figured it out. You can also do the same thing; keep the litter box where your cat can approach it easily.

Are you worried about kitten claws?

Do you wonder why do cats scratch all the time?  I was worried too when I got my little one home. I found her scratching all the time with and without reason. Reading helped me! After doing some research, I realized that they were trying to remove the claws so that a fresh claw can be revealed on the outer side.

This is healthy for them; you should have a cat post, which is at least 3 feet high. Do not forget to sprinkle catnip on the post twice in a month.

Sleeping and Exercising

Did you know this? Cats can sleep up to 18 hours in a day, but sadly, this can lead to various other disorders in cats such as low hygiene, diabetes, and obesity. Follow a regime for them as I did for my cat:

  • Create a diet plan and make your cat follow a regime; let them play with toys, hop around the place, run around in your backyard, and so on.
  • Keep high levels of hygiene a priority; clean their ears regularly; brush their teeth. I know this can be a task, but you need to train it to allow you.
  • Cats do not meow too much. Therefore, when you hear them meow try to try to pay attention; your cat is trying to talk to you.

Well, there are plenty of other things that you must know before adopting a kitten. I recommend you to go through every tiny detail you can find online. Try to look for unique ideas about these furry lovable such as why cats have scabs, can they eat ice cream and others.

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