To put it simply, we’re feeding our cats and dogs too much food!

PetTrax creates a custom feeding schedule for each individual pet based on her specific dietary needs to ensure that they eat the right amount of food each day. The number one way to keep your pets fit and healthy is to ensure that they eat nutritious food and that they keep within the daily calorie allowance prescribed by your veterinarian.

It is estimated that 54% of all cats and dogs are overweight or obese. Check out for the staggering statistics. This epidemic is causing all kinds of health problems with our loved pets, but it can be prevented.

Reasons why we’re overfeeding our pets include:

  • Multiple pet caregivers in the home feeding the same meal more than once
  • Pet owners are out of the home most of the day and sometimes allow their pets to ‘free-feed’
  • Pet owners are generally unaware of the calorie content of their pet food
PetTrax Calorie Management

RightBite will keep your pets within their daily calorie allowance

The PetTrax RightBite feeder, along with PetTrax Mobile, give pet owners a helping hand whether they are at home or at the office working late. Pets are only allowed to eat the proper amount of daily calories and pet owners have peace of mind knowing that their pets are being taken care of.

At PetTrax, we understand that pet owners lead busy lives and we want to make keeping your pet healthy as easy as possible.

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