Cats are natural hunters and in the wild they survive on many small meals (e.g. mice, birds) each day. Cat feeding studies have been done that prove scientifically that domestic cats will be healthier if fed at least 5 small meals per day. A ten pound cat should only consume about 200 calories each day to stay at a healthy weight.

cat feeding

Feeding cats small portions at least 5 times per day encourages their natural hunting instincts

Frequent feeding where the time of meal is varied has other positive side effects. Cats become more active when they don’t know exactly when a meal is coming, encouraging climbing, hunting, and exploring. This process will boost a cat’s positive behavior, mental health, and physical health.

cat feeding

Allowing your cats to ‘free-feed’ is not healthy and will usually result in overweight cats

Busy cat owners tend to feed their cats 2 big meals each day or they allow their cats to free-feed by leaving out an unlimited supply of food. Cats were not designed to eat this way. They have an instinctive need to hunt and by feeding infrequent large portions, the hunting instinct is diminished and cats will typically become overweight and sedentary. The statistics prove this as 58% of all domestic cats are overweight or obese resulting in many health issues including arthritis, diabetes, and kidney disease.

So, make a few simple changes in the way you feed your cats and help them live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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