Many cat owners are not aware of how incredibly dangerous lilies are to your pet.  I stopped in the grocery store this Sunday on the way to Easter brunch and noticed there were beautiful and fragrant Easter lilies all over the store.  I immediately envisioned some well-meaning guest picking one up as a hostess gift not realizing it could easily kill the recipient’s beloved kitty. Cats and lilies don’t mix!

cats and lilies

While you may love the fragrance and beauty of lilies, don’t keep them in your home if you have a cat. Lilies, when consumed by a cat, can result in acute kidney failure

Perhaps this sounds a bit harsh but it is truly an all too common occurrence.  For some reason cats love to nibble on plants.  A few bites of the leaves or petals of a lily can result in acute kidney failure in cats.  If you have found that your kitty was chewing on a lily you should seek veterinary care immediately for decontamination and aggressive fluid therapy.  If caught early and treatment is started then it can be possible to flush out the kidneys and prevent permanent damage.  However, we have a small window to work with and it is an event that should be taken extremely seriously.

I love the smell of lilies and think they are a beautiful flower but as long as I have a cat in the house they are banned from ever crossing the threshold.

Ashley Gallagher, DVM

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