Dogs are known for being protective of their owners, especially when they are at home. From barking at the mailman to growling at a salesperson who comes to your door, dogs are wary of strangers in most circumstances. And while this can be beneficial to owners in dangerous situations, it can be difficult to control on a day to day basis.

Always introduce your dog slowly to new house guests

It’s natural to have guests coming in and out of your home, so training your dog to be friendly and not lash out when they arrive is key to making a happy home for both you and your dog. To help pet-owners navigate this tricky situation, the team at House Call Pro has put together a guide to help homeowners and house guests alike.

Properly exercising your dog before house guests arrive is key to helping them stay calm throughout the encounter. Taking them for a walk, playing fetch in the yard or visiting a dog park are great ways to tire out your pup. If you are still finding they are amped up when a guest arrives, putting them in their crate and introducing them slowly (while reinforcing positive behaviors with treats) is the best way to train your dog on how to properly interact with others.

Still concerned about your dog’s behavior? Check out the full guide and infographic below to get more details on how to calm your dog and read his or her body language.

A Guide to Dogs and New Visitors in the Home

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