Owning a dog can positively impact both your physical and mental health according to science.  Research shows that dog owners spend about 30 more minutes a day active than people who do not own a dog. Also, on colder wetter days, dog owners are even more active than their non dog owning counterparts. The dog companion has a way of goading their owners into a more active lifestyle, which adds to overall physical health.

dog health

Dogs force us to get out of the house and keep physically active

Looking to de-stress, feel attached, and improve your mental health? Just the act of petting your dog can relieve stress, not to mention dogs lessen loneliness and are great listeners.  Dogs also love unconditionally, make us smile, and give us purpose, all positive benefits to your mental health.

dog health

Dogs are great comforters, helping with people’s mental and emotional health

Dogs also can read their owner’s body language giving them both insight into your mood and motivation.  Act happy and your dog will wag his tail all excited and probably go grab his favorite chew toy for you to toss. If you are sad, your dog is likely to snuggle and comfort you.

Dogs teach (or remind) us that playing is fun!  Life is a daily grind, and remembering to wrestle, play fetch, or just run around with your dog will get your mind & body in a better place (not to mention your dog will LOVE you for it). Dogs can improve your life in so many ways. Check out your local animal shelter and see if a dog may be in your future. You’ll not only be helping a needing beautiful dog, but you will also be helping yourself.

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