PetTrax FAQ

How does the RightBite feeder uniquely identify my pet?
If your pet has a microchip, RightBite will read the identifying microchip number as the pet approaches the feeder and look up the pet in the PetTrax database. If your pet does not have a microchip then you will have to put a PetTrax collar tag on your pet so the feeder can uniquely identify your pet.


How does RightBite know whether to feed my pet?
Once RightBite identifies your pet, it analyzes the pet profile to determine whether it is appropriate to feed your pet. The pet profile contains data about your pet including: foods that the pet is allowed to eat, feeders the pet is allowed to eat at, the last time the pet ate today, the total daily calorie allowance for the pet, and the total calorie allowance per feeding session.


How does RightBite know how much food has been consumed?
RightBite has a scale that weighs the food bowl at the beginning and end of each feeding session. That difference, in grams, is recorded as a part of the feeding session and compared to the calorie content per gram of the pet food to determine the total calories eaten.


What if an unauthorized pet attempts to eat from the RightBite feeder?
RightBite has a single feeding zone that prevents more than 1 pet from eating at a time. If an unauthorized pet noses his way into the feeding zone, the feeder will no longer detect an authorized pet and retract the bowl into the feeder.


What happens if the retractable bowl jams?
The RightBite pet feeder will attempt to fix itself but if it cannot, an alert will be sent to the pet owner to manually clear the jam.


How do I keep RightBite clean?
The feeding bowl is made of stainless steel and is removable for cleaning. The food storage hopper is also removable and can be cleaned by rinsing with soap and water.


Does the RightBite pet feeder supply water?
No. PetTrax will be providing a separate ‘drinker’ for monitoring water consumption.


Can I use wet food with RightBite?
No. RightBite only supports dry pet food. PetTrax is developing a wet food bowl for monitoring wet food consumption.


What happens if there is a power outage?
The RightBite pet feeder comes with a rechargeable battery that will provide continuous operation of the feeder during a power outage.


Can my pet break into the food storage bin?
No. RightBite has a latched lid that can only be opened by a person.


Can RightBite be used with multiple pets?
Yes. This is one of the unique capabilities of the RightBite pet feeder. If your pets eat the same food, a single feeder can be used and it will track the individual food consumption per pet. If your pets eat different food, multiple feeders will provide this capability and the authorization feature will keep pets from eating at restricted feeders.

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