While you can be sure that most American-made dog kibble and canned foods are safe and nutritious, it is beneficial to mix in fresh foods to for a healthy dog diet. After all, you like to have variety in your diet and you can assume that your dog appreciates a variety of foods too.

Dogs are omnivores and enjoy a mix of meat, fruits, vegetables, and starches. Always cook meat to avoid any bacteria issues and feel free to use all of these types of foods for alternate meals and treats. Most of the fresh superfoods that are healthy for dogs are also those foods that nutrition conscious people seek out at their grocery store and include: carrots, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, fish oil from salmon, kale, sweet potatoes, and chicken.

A sample of the benefits of these foods as part of your dog diet include:

  • Carrots – heart, eyes, teeth
  • Blueberries – digestion, blood sugar, heart, brain
  • Broccoli – digestion, eyes, anti-inflammatory, skin, heart
  • Spinach – bones, heart, anti-inflammatory
  • Fish Oil – skin, coat, anti-inflammatory
  • Kale – liver, anti-inflammatory
  • Sweet Potatoes – coat, immune system, digestion

As always, please check with your veterinarian when changing your dog diet.


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