It is particularly difficult to control the pet diet of an overweight pet in a multi-pet home. Almost all multi-pet owners will share the same story of having a voracious pet (the Gobbler) and a finicky pet (the Nibbler). The Gobbler is always on the lookout for available food and will consume food meant for another pet in the blink of an eye.

pet diet

Ricky the ‘Gobbler’ and Teddy the ‘Nibbler’

Pet families are left with the dilemma of leaving food out (encouraging the Gobbler to remain overweight and more susceptible to chronic diseases) or closely monitoring feeding (which can be difficult and inconvenient and can result in the Nibbler being underfed).

Ricky and Teddy are my Gobbler and Nibbler. For years we have closely supervised them during feeding time and kept them in different rooms while they eat their meals. More recently we have implemented the innovative feeding and monitoring solution from PetTrax that takes the worry out of overfeeding or underfeeding your pets.

Do you have a Gobbler and a Nibbler in your home? Are you looking for solutions to help? Let us know!

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