Being overweight or obese is one of the biggest health issues that Americans face today. There are many options to help people fight this epidemic including specialized diets, fitness club memberships, and weight loss programs (e.g. Weight Watchers). Depending on the person, some of these options can work, however, many people struggle to get-to and maintain a healthy weight no matter what they try.

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Dogs need to be walked daily, creating a healthy habit for both you and your dog

Losing weight, then maintaining a healthy weight requires a change in lifestyle for a lifetime. What better way to change your lifestyle than to adopt a pet? A dog or a cat can help you make significant changes in your life. Having the responsibility and love of a pet will make you more active and aware of what it takes to keep a furry friend happy and healthy, all things you can apply to your life.

weight loss

Cats love to play… so, get up and move to keep you and your cat healthy

Besides the love and companionship a dog or cat will bring to your life, there are many other health benefits including:

  1. Exercise: dogs and cats love to play. Playing with your pet requires movement whether you are running around the house with a feather toy for your cat or outdoors playing fetch with your dog. Dog’s need to be walked daily requiring you to walk too.
  2. Calorie Awareness: obesity is not only a people problem, it is a pet problem. It is imperative that you feed your pet the right amount (in terms of calories) of nutritious food each day. This awareness of your pet’s daily calorie needs can be applied directly to your needs. Just having the awareness is enough to start breaking the pattern of overeating.
  3. Weight Loss Buddy: one of the key components to successful weight loss programs is the support of friends with similar issues. Having a furry weight loss friend can really help keep you on track and cause you hold each other accountable to weight loss and maintenance goals.
  4. Socially Active: a pet will make you more socially active. Whether going to the dog park or sharing stories with other cat owners, having a pet will activate a social support system that previously did not exist. Support systems help to break unhealthy patters like obesity.

Still not sure if adopting a pet can change your life in many positive ways? Check out the story of ‘Eric & Peety’ in this video. Let a pet make you the best person that you can be.


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