While traveling with your dog it is crucial that you take some necessary precautions to ensure that your pup has the proper food and medication needs for a comfortable journey and overall new destination experience. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with a sick dog on a family trip. You will be traveling to a new place that will present an unfamiliar environment for your pet.

dog travel
Traveling with your dogs can be quite pleasurable. Be sure to follow some of our tips.

There are a number of things you should consider to ensure that you and your dog’s experience is pleasurable. Below we have listed some useful tips that will help you prepare for your journey.

Always try to keep your dog hydrated and nourished but not overfeed him

Before heading out on an airplane make sure that you don’t overfeed your dog. Feed him a moderate meal about 3-4 hours before your flight. It is also crucial that you keep your dog hydrated at all times. Dogs tend to get very dehydrated during long journeys and will need to have regular access to water. An airplane’s filtration system often causes dryness which results in excessive dehydration. You should allow your dog to drink some water during the flight but try to limit his intake so that you don’t have an accident. Before leaving home, make sure your dog takes care of his business.

Pack lots of dry foods with you while you are traveling with your dog

As you will be traveling to a new place, it will take your dog time to adapt to new food that may cause digestive issues. Dry foods can prove to be very helpful in this case. Dry foods can be carried in bulk amounts while you travel so make sure you pack enough for your dog to last at least a couple of weeks or as long as you plan to travel.

Make arrangements at the hotel for your dog’s meals

If you are staying in a pet friendly hotel, you can make arrangements for your dog’s favorite meals. Assuming that your hotel can accommodate this, your dog can have his daily planned meals that you have prepared in advance of the trip.

Canned and processed foods
dog travel

Canned foods are great while you are traveling. Canned dog food won’t go bad and can supply a regular meal without much hassle. If your dogs are not familiar with canned foods, make sure you feed them any new food a few days prior to your trip so that he can get familiar with the flavor and his digestive system can also adjust.


Don’t forget your pup’s medications while traveling. Also bring along some basic dog medications for digestion and other common issues. These medications could come in handy should your dog experience any basic medical needs.


A dog’s needs are very different from humans and you will have to consider a number of things so that your canine doesn’t fall sick in the middle of the trip. Keep in mind and implement some of the tips presented here to ensure a happy and healthy trip for you and your pup.

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