Whether you’re a proud dog or cat owner, you may wonder what your pet’s would say if they could. Our fur-balls can’t talk, but their body language says more than enough. You can learn a lot just by paying attention to your four-legged friend’s sleeping position. Our friends at Sleep Advisor conducted some research to see what your pet’s sleeping position says about them.

pet sleep
You can learn a lot by observing the way your pet sleeps

While you may know that a dog will lay spread out on its back if very comfortable with you, did you know if they’re sleeping on their paws, that they may actually be tense? This is because they want to remain alert to jump away from danger at a moment’s notice. If your pup is only sleeping in this position, try removing other pets or children from their area to help them feel more at ease.

Your dog or cat’s sleeping position, like humans, is a result of what they’re feeling in that moment. In fact, you can learn a lot about your pet’s emotional state simply by noticing how they sleep. Want to learn more about your pet’s sleeping position? Check out the helpful article at PetMD and the graphic below to develop a deeper understanding-of and connection-with your pet.

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