Do you regularly visit your healthcare provider when you’re not sick or hurt? Like many people, the answer is probably “No”. So how about your pets? Do you get them in to the vet when they’re not feeling well or have been injured—or do you make time for regular pet examinations to monitor their wellness?

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Regular veterinarian check-ups are a must for your pets

Just like you shouldn’t ignore your maintenance health plan, you shouldn’t ignore your pets’ either. A check-in with a vet can provide a snapshot of what’s going on with your pet as he or she ages or faces different challenges. A vet can help you monitor weight, for example, and come up with a plan should your pet be overweight. That regular check-in gives you a chance to get your animal essential vaccinations and immunizations, too, which you might need even just to legally have them in your city or state. What else is imperative for check-ins at the vet, regardless of your pet’s age? Find out in this graphic and check out the linked article at Petco.

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