pet microchips

Frank has both an implanted pet microchip and a stylish ID collar tag

I can only imagine the sense of panic one would feel if their dog or cat slipped out of the house and went missing. Unfortunately this happens all the time, we never plan on it but it is critical to be prepared if it does. I recommend that pets wear a collar with an ID tag that contains your information at all times in addition to having a microchip.

Pet Microchips

Pet microchips are devices about the size of a grain of rice that are implanted under the skin of cats and dogs. A pet microchip has a number that is unique to your pet and linked to the information that you provide to a website online. Then, if your dog or cat is picked up by animal control or finds their way to an animal hospital they are scanned for the number and your information can be looked up. Placing a pet microchip is done via injection and can be performed awake as a quick outpatient procedure.

I recently purchased new tags for my dogs from Red Dingo. They are really good-looking and also very durable. I highly recommend!

Ashley Gallagher, DVM

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