This week we have a guest post from Debbie Solomon of Westport CT. Debbie is a friend of PetTrax and the proud pet mom of Phoebe, a sweet beautiful Yorki blend rescue. 

Pet Vaccinations

Some common pet vaccines including rabies and distemper

Many of us that have children who have been vaccinated have been forewarned by our pediatricians that our child may have an adverse reaction to the vaccination the next day.  We are told he/she might run a fever, be irritable, have a poor appetite, be sore at the site of injection and/or just feel listless.  Our first dog, a Bichon  Frise, however never experienced any of these side effects.  My husband took our  fairly new rescue Yorki blend Phoebe (who we believe to be a little less than 2.5 years old), to the vet for her pet vaccinations (rabies and distemperment shots) last week.  Phoebe came home with a clean bill of health and in usual wonderful spirits; giving kisses, chasing baby chipmunks and hoping food would be dropped on the floor.

Pet Vaccinations: Adverse Reactions

The following morning however, Phoebe was unrecognizable.  I actually had to wake her up rather than having her wake us up and she was so punk and very warm.  Realizing that dogs can probably have adverse reactions to vaccinations too, I googled it while waiting for my husband to hear back from the vet.  We read that just like humans, dogs can become feverish, listless and lose their appetite so this helped me remain calm. What I didn’t expect was that when I went to take her out to “do her business,” as the day wore on she actually became lame on one front paw and couldn’t walk! Of course I panicked and believed something else was going on.

PetTrax RightBite Pet Feeder

Phoebe feeling much better using her PetTrax RightBite pet feeder

After researching this specific symptom of lameness, I read that small dogs that are young (such as Phoebe) that receive more than one vaccination at a time can experience less common and more severe symptoms such as lameness!  My husband Gary, who is a rehabilitation physician, was even shocked by this.  While I am in no way an expert or a vet, I really felt pet owners should know about how serious reactions can be to vaccinations in their dogs.  Thankfully when we re-called our wonderful vet he verified this  reaction as well and 2 days later Phoebe was as good as new!

Hope this will help other dog owners who experience the same thing to understand that this reaction may happen after vaccinations. Of course, with any signs of trouble, do check with your veterinarian and be sure to give you four legged family member extra love!

Debbie Solomon

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