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Ricky is authorized to eat his controlled portions at the PetTrax RightBite pet feeder

It was a normal summer weekend for Sheryl (my wife) and I. We drove to Cape Cod on Friday afternoon and planned to return Sunday evening. Our senior cats Ricky and Teddy stay home during our weekend trips and we are comforted knowing that the PetTrax RightBite feeder will take care of properly feeding them and notifying us on our mobile phones when they are eating and being active. We also have our pet sitter, Carole Ann, check on our cats Saturday evening to clean the litter boxes and give them their meds.

PetTrax RightBite Benefits

We have been using the PetTrax RightBite feeder (first the prototype and now the beta version) for over a year and have been thrilled with its capabilities that include:

  • Keeping our cats on a proper calorie diet
  • Preventing Ricky from stealing Teddy’s food
  • Getting our overweight cat (Ricky) back to a healthy weight
  • Allowing our ‘grazer’ cat (Teddy) to eat at his slower pace
  • Sending us regular notifications of feeding sessions and activity
  • Providing a video feed of our cats eating their meals
pettrax rightbite

Teddy enjoying a nighttime snack at the 1st prototype of the PetTrax RightBite pet feeder

On Saturday, we received our normal notifications. Both cats were eating per their profile. Teddy was eating many small meals and Ricky was eating fewer large meals. The RightBite feeder allows us to slow down Ricky by restricting his ‘per meal’ calories. Instead of him eating 2 large meals, we divvy up his daily allotment into 4 smaller meals. Teddy, on the other hand, is always allowed to eat at the feeder because he eats tiny meals (8-16 calories per meal) but eats much more often (10-14 times per day). In each case, they are restricted to a daily calorie allowance per our veterinarian’s recommendation. The RightBite RFID identification system and retractable food tray are the key mechanisms that allow us to keep their feeding controlled without us constantly having to put down and pick up food bowls.

PetTrax Mobile Alerts

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I received a notification that Ricky’s eating pattern had changed. I opened the PetTrax Mobile app and sure enough, Ricky had not eaten his morning meal (totally out of the norm for him) and when I checked motion sensing, I noticed that he was nowhere to be found. I gave it another hour and still no sign of Ricky.

pettrax rightbite

PetTrax RightBite keeps your cats and dogs to their daily calorie allowance. No more overweight pets!

Sheryl and I decided to head home early on Sunday to see what was going on. When we got home, Ricky was sitting very still in a spot that he rarely goes to in our home. We knew something was wrong and immediately got him to the veterinarian. Our vet diagnosed pancreatitis and immediately gave him fluids and meds to help with nausea. Ricky slowly started getting better and after about 3 days was back to his normal self. Our vet at Lloyd’s Animal Medical Center told us that his speedy recovery was due to getting treatment as soon as symptoms showed up. Thankfully, the PetTrax system gave us the information we needed to act immediately.

This was the 4th time in 1 year of using the system that we’ve received ‘health’ notifications when we were away from home and every time there was an issue with either Ricky or Teddy. PetTrax will be launching RightBite soon so that other pet lovers can benefit from monitoring and controlled feeding that really works!

Small Dog Health

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