With the change of seasons, it’s important that you consider things to look out for to keep your pets safe. Your dogs and cats rely on you to provide a safe environment so keep these 5 tips in mind during the Autumn months.

pet safety

Watch out for pet safety during the Autumn months

  1. Cold Weather – some dogs are not equipped to handle the cold weather. If your dog is susceptible to the cold weather, get her a dog sweater. We recommend that you keep you cats indoors but if you do have an outdoor cat, make sure that they are in the house at night and also keep them indoors during the bitter cold weather. As pets are domesticated animals, most are not equipped to handle extreme cold temperatures.
  2. Piles of Leaves – with piles of leaves come fleas and ticks. Keep your pet save with flea and tick repellant so that they can play in the leaves without worrying about the health issues associated with these pests.
    pet safety

    Watch out for Halloween hazards, such as chocolate, when it comes to your pets

  3. Less Sunlight – during the Fall and Winter months, the number of hours of sunlight diminishes. During the dark hours, your pet is more likely to be injured by a car or cyclist who cannot see your cat or dog. There are LED collars and reflective harness and collars that can help keep your pets visible. Invest in one for year round protection.
  4. Halloween – Halloween is a fun time of the year for children, however, can create a hazardous environment for your pets. Please keep the Halloween candy out of reach from your cats and dogs. Costumes can also contain toxic material that can be harmful to your pets when chewed or swallowed. When in doubt, ensure that these items are not accessible to your pets.
  5. Wild Mushrooms – many types of poisonous mushrooms grow during the Fall. If your pet ingests a mushroom or anything else you think is poisonous, immediately call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

As a pet owner, pet safety should be one of your top priorities when looking out for your cats and dogs. Be diligent and keep an eye on those things in the environment that could be harmful to your pets.

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