Pet alerts and notifications will keep you and your pets connected at all times.

RightBite pet feeder and PetTrax Mobile work together to constantly monitor your pets’ feeding and activity and will alert you when it detects potential health concerns or just to let you know that everything is OK.

Every time your cat or dog eats, PetTrax Mobile will notify you and provide you with the duration of the feeding session and the number of calories consumed. If your pet has not eaten in ‘x’ hours (user-configurable), you will also receive pet alerts so that you can check to see if everything is OK.

PetTrax Pet Alerts

PetTrax Mobile works together with RightBite feeder to provide you with real-time pet alerts and notifications

PetTrax also compares current activity to historical patterns to see if your pet is deviating from her normal routine so that we can let you know if there may be a health concern.

Our goal is to make it convenient for you to keep your pets healthy and provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for with respect to caring for your loved furry family members.