Approximately 54% of all cats and dogs are overweight or obese ( These pets are significantly more at risk (than normal weight pets) for developing chronic diseases such as: diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and many forms of cancer. Having unhealthy pets not only causes heartache for pet owners, it is also expensive to treat. The additional costs associated with caring for a chronically ill pet can range from $500 to over $5,000 annually. PetTrax is focused on helping with this epidemic by providing pet owners with products (including our super-intelligent pet feeder) that make it convenient and easy to keep their pets healthy.

PetTrax RightBite Automatic Pet Feeder

RightBite automatic pet feeder is loaded with sensors and includes the ability to authorize feeding based on your pet’s identity. The feeder provides a unique retractable food dish.

RightBite Pet Feeder

The RightBite automatic pet feeder from PetTrax was just announced and is now being showcased on the PetTrax website. RightBite, along with the companion smartphone application PetTrax Mobile, is a super intelligent automatic pet feeder that has been in the works for over a year. The product is focused on providing pet owners with a convenient way to feed their cats and dogs the proper amount of food at the right times–whether they are at home, at work, or anywhere in the world.

RightBite is an Internet of Things (IoT) automatic pet feeder that securely connects to the Internet via a WiFi connection on your home router. Pet owners simply load PetTrax Mobile onto their smartphone and configure their pets and feeders. Once set up, the RightBite pet feeders set healthy feeding schedules for each pet and take over the process of keeping each pet on a proper diet.

RightBite is the first connected automatic pet feeder on the market that can handle both single pet and multi-pet homes. RightBite has a retractable tray that opens and closes based on the needs of each pet. Pets are identified via an RFID reader on the feeder that can read pet microchips or, if your pet does not have a microchip, the PetTrax collar tag. This authorization system enables RightBite to keep each pet at his daily calorie allowance and not allow him to overeat.

PetTrax Mobile - Pet Feeder App

PetTrax Mobile connects you with your pets, giving you a window into their health by providing feeding notifications and health alerts

PetTrax Mobile

PetTrax Mobile provides pet owners with real-time access to each pet on the system. The application sends notifications and alerts to inform pet owners when everything is OK (pet has eaten) and to also inform them of potential health concerns. PetTrax Mobile also enables remote control of the feeder to dispense unscheduled meals, to authorize feeding, and to change the feeding schedule.

Information provided by PetTrax Mobile includes:

  • Per feeding session calories consumed
  • Per feeding session time spent at feeder
  • Daily calories and time spent at feeder (historical)
  • Unauthorized pet access attempts
  • Status of feeders (low on food, online/offline, mechanical issues)
  • Feeding trends
  • ‘Pet just ate’ notifications (with calories consumed and time spent at feeder)
  • ‘Pet not eating’ health alerts
  • ‘Pet eating pattern’ health alerts
PetTrax Analytics

The RightBite pet feeder is loaded with sensors so that it can track both feeding and activity patterns. This data is stored in the PetTrax database so that advanced analytics can be used to determine whether changes in behavior are indicative of potential health concerns.

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