Before you bring your new furry friend home, there are a number of things you need to purchase so your cat will feel like a family member rather than just a visitor. Do this a few days in advance to save stress and rush on the big day.

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Ceramic or stainless steel food and water bowls are the best

Talk to the caregiver in the cat’s last home because it’s best to give your new pet whatever food he’s used to. If you are buying a cat from a breeder, their contract will suggest or require you to feed your cat a certain kind of food.

  • Kittens: Babies need more fats and proteins in their diets, therefore you should look for foods with “Complete and Balanced Nutrition” on the label. There are also foods specifically formulated for kittens. Kittens from eight weeks and up can handle dry food quite well, although canned food is much better for them.
  • Adult cats: Canned food is better for cats of any age but your cat may be used to dry food only. Grown cats thrive on dry food and any of the premium brands are good. You should also supplement with canned food because sooner or later you should try to move your cat over to canned food only.
Food and Water Bowls

Although you can feed your cat out of any ceramic or stainless steel bowls you have in your kitchen, it may be better providing the cat with its own dishes. It is not recommended to use plastic dishes for cats as some cats can develop a chin rash from plastic. Also, softer plastic scratches easily and can harbor bacteria in the scratched places. There are a number of non-tip stainless steel bowls you can choose for your cat. If you prefer decorated ceramic dishes, make sure the glaze on the dish is lead-free.

Litter Box, Litter And Scoop

Make sure you have a litter box with litter ready to go before your cat gets home. There are many different litter boxes to choose from starting with litter trays, covered litter boxes and even fancy automatic litter boxes.

With litter, you can use the same litter and type of litter box your cat previously had and slowly switch them over to something you prefer.

You’ll also need a litter scoop. The plastic scoops are cheaper but can crack and break if you use them too roughly. Metal scoops cost more but provide you with more strength when needed.

Consider putting a mat under the box to catch the stray litter.

cat tips
Make sure you put an ID tag on your cat’s collar

Identification is important when it comes to cats that like to go outside. Since outdoor cats are roamers, it is likely they will stray from the house to explore the neighborhood. If this happens, your cat needs to be identifiable by any stranger.

Most owners put personalised pet tags on the cat’s collar with their details on it and a number you can call if the cat is found.

Their Own Bed

Cats will sleep in any place that is soft and warm but it is important that you provide them with a place they can go to anytime they want to take a nap or use it as their safe space. Having a bed for your cat before they arrive at your home will help them feel more welcome and special.


All cats enjoy playing and you will bond by playing with your cat and his toys. The “fishing pole dangling lure” kind of toys are a big favorite for interactive play. Catnip mice are every cat’s favorite. Kitty houses and climbing posts can run from simple cardboard creations to custom-built “cat furniture” combinations running over several hundred dollars.

cat tips
Cats love toys. Be sure to have plenty around to keep your cat active

As with all animals not all cats will like the same toys, food or litter. You will have to experiment and find out what suits your cat’s needs. Above all it is only important that you enjoy the time with your cat and have loads of fun together.

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