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A versatile and advanced pet feeder that helps to keep your cats and dogs healthy––one meal at a time

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PetTrax RightBite Pet FeederPetTrax ID
May I see your ID please?

Microchip or RFID collar tag used to identify pet

Looks like you had your fill

Retractable food dish ensures that your pets don't overeat

Plenty of food to go around

Up to 4 weeks of stored meals for worry-free feeding

PetTrax Food Level
Fill 'er up!

Food level monitoring and automatic food reordering

PetTrax Wait
Wait your turn

Single entry feeding zone only allows 1 pet to eat at a time

PetTrax Multipet
For all of your furry friends

Works in both single and multi-pet homes

PetTrax Camera

Optional camera provides snapshots and live video

Key Features

PetTrax Multi-pet

Multi-Pet Households

More than one pet? No worries, PetTrax has you covered! RightBite is the first pet feeder that was truly built to handle multi-pet households. If you have 2 or more pets eating the same food, a single feeder may be used. If you have a pet on a special diet, a feeder can be configured to only allow single

Calorie Management

To put it simply, we’re feeding our cats and dogs too much food! PetTrax creates a custom feeding schedule for each individual pet based on her specific dietary needs to ensure that they eat the right amount of food each day. The number one way to keep your pets fit and healthy is to ensure that they eat nutritious

PetTrax Alert

Pet Alerts

Pet alerts and notifications will keep you and your pets connected at all times. RightBite pet feeder and PetTrax Mobile work together to constantly monitor your pets’ feeding and activity and will alert you when it detects potential health concerns or just to let you know that everything is OK. Every time your cat or dog eats, PetTrax

PetTrax Mobile

PetTrax Food Bowl IconEnter your pets' daily calorie allowance, the food they eat, and we'll take it from there
PetTrax Multi-pet IconSupports multiple pets and feeders to work in any pet home
PetTrax Activity IconCurrent day and historical feeding data including calories, durations, and times
PetTrax Alert IconAutomatic notifications when your pets eat and alerts when they don't
PetTrax Home IconMonitor your pet's activity while at home or from anywhere in the world
PetTrax Mobile

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