Dogs are amazing creatures simply because of their compatibility with humans. Whether they’re pestering you to take them on a walk, or simply cuddling with you, every little thing they do contributes positively to your life and makes you feel great. We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why owning a dog is truly a blessing:

1. Increased Physical Activity

In 2006, a Canadian study found that leisure time dog walking made dog owners more physically active than their peers who don’t own dogs. If you live in colder parts of the world, walking your dog on a regular basis might seem like a massive task. But the process is arguably much more enjoyable than working out at a local gym all by yourself.

2. Reduced Stress Levels

Another study conducted at the University of Buffalo proves that a presence of a dog helps in decreasing stress levels. A psychology professor at the Institute had volunteers wired to blood pressure monitors to record results. On the other hand, a Japanese study confirms that walking a dog regularly leads to a healthier heart.

dog health

Dogs are great stress reducers!

3. Lower Chances of Developing Eczema

People often have second thoughts of having a dog when they already have newborns to take care of. A primary concern is the risk of allergy. However, researchers have found that babies who spend their first year with dogs have a reduced chance of developing eczema. Shockingly enough, the exact opposite is true in the case of cats.

4. Say Goodbye to Loneliness

Everyone feels lonely at times, no matter who they are. It’s nothing to do with materialistic possessions, it’s something internal that only another form of life can solve. Dogs are great companions in such cases, and several studies and observations have now confirmed that people with dogs are less likely to visit doctors.

5. Dogs Make You More Attractive

People who own dogs are more attractive to single men and women – a fact acknowledged by over 700 volunteers who took part in a British study. Also, it’s no surprise that dogs make for great conversation starters. How hard can it be to walk up to someone to get to know more their canine friend?

6. Dogs Increase Your Happiness Quotient
dog health

Dogs will make you a happier person

It is a clinically proven fact that interacting with dogs increases oxytocin levels instantly. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of happiness within human beings. All it takes is a stare into your dog’s eyes for your daily dose of happiness!

7. Unlimited Assistance, Everyday

Dogs can be trained to assist you with your daily tasks. If you’re physically challenged, there’s no great help than having a dog around you. Assistance dogs can help you make your way around, alert you to emergencies and even fetch you things – such as medicines! If you live in the United States, you can register your canine as a guide dog and get a personalized badge number.

8. Better Emotional Stability

A Tufts University study found out that people with strong connections to their dogs are better at managing their social lives. Moreover, they are bound to have relationships that are stable. Making new friends and adapting to cultures is never a problem for them as well!

9. Dogs Help You Manage Emotional Disasters Well

Losing a loved one is never easy. Out of all the things that we do get over the emotional pain, spending time with a dog is the most effective treatment one could ask for. In fact, military veterans around the world are encouraged to own dogs to help them get over after-war post traumatic stress.

dog health

There is nothing like having a dog in your life

10. There’s Nothing Like Caring for a Cute Little Pooch

All things said and done, there’s nothing quite like taking care of an innocent little pooch. The journey of life is often unkind and treacherous, but having a canine companion along can help you weather the storm come what may.


In a world that is dominated by social media, instant messaging and phone calls, dogs give us a window to experience the simpler modes of interaction. Perhaps, it is this form of communication that brings out the truest human element within us. Millions of dog lovers around the world are already enjoying a better quality of life, are you going to be a part of them?

Author Bio: June Frazier is the founder of TobysBone, where she shares her passion for writing and love for dogs. She wants to help you deal with your dog’s behavior issues, grooming and health needs, and proper training. Through her blog, you can find informative and reliable posts, tips and tricks, and a lot of interesting reads that will help you maintain a close bond with your furry companion.

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