Pet owners know how great it is to have the company of a four-footed cute creature. However, it becomes extremely difficult for you to see them age and suffer from health issues and problems. Senior cats do not express pain the way people do. They suffer everything in silence and need help from their human owners.

senior cat

Senior cats should get a moderate amount of exercise. Have toys on-hand to keep them moving

Without any experience or knowledge on how to deal with a senior cat, it can be difficult to properly car from them. Apart from a good diet, a bit of exercise, and giving natural joint pain relief for cats to make life easier for them; there is a lot that you need to know. To follow are 10 simple tips that you can do to help your senior cat.

1. Age-appropriate diet

Diet plays a vital role in determining how healthy and active your cat will be. The nutritional needs will change over time and hence, it is important to get it reviewed and modified by a professional from time to time.

2. Moderate exercise

A moderate amount of physical activity on a regular basis is very important to fight problems like obesity. Make sure that you follow a moderate exercise routine with the senior cats to keep them lively and healthy.

3. Keep them engaged

Your cats also wish to learn new things, play, and go out for a walk. Make sure to keep them engaged in new and fun activities so that they can fight boredom.

4. Regular consultation with the vet

Regular check-ups make it easier for you to detect and treat any health issues that your cat might be suffering from. This becomes even more important if you own a senior cat. Make sure to increase the frequency of your visits as your cat starts to age.

5. Never miss the medicines

Take your senior cat’s medicines very seriously. Listen to the vet well as they prescribe and explain when and how to give the medicines to your cat. Put a reminder on your phone or make a table by listing down all the medicines to make sure you never forget to give them.

6. Give importance to grooming

Grooming is important to keep your four-footed friend hygienic and healthy. Do the grooming routine on time and with efficiency.

7. Supplements to keep them healthy

Apart from following an age-appropriate diet, supplements also play a vital role in ensuring health for the senior cats. Giving a regular dose of a good quality natural joint pain relief for cats like Pet Bounce can really make a difference in your pet’s life.

senior cat

Make sure your senior cat has some nice comfy spots to rest and sleep on. Senior cats need more sleep

8. Make life comfortable for them

As your cat starts to age, they need more rest and comfort. Make sure to give them a cozy and comfortable bed to rest, make clean water accessible and supply food on time.

9. Limit your expectations

As your cat starts to age, it is very common to witness a decreasing level of activity or desire to play. Bring down your expectations as your pet grows older.

10. Make efforts to increase your knowledge

Your cat is dependent on your for its health, wellness and all other matters. It is very important that you keep making constant efforts to increase your knowledge or pet care. Read informative blog posts, magazine articles or books to learn the tricks and tips on how to look after your senior cats.

Simple things can give great results. Follow the above-mentioned tips and make the senior years of your cat’s life a comfortable and happy time. Good luck pet owners!

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